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Dermalogica is a skin care system developed by The International Dermal Institute.


In the skincare industry Dermalogica has earned respect and loyalty from Estheticians (Beauty Therapists) worldwide.

The reason Dermalogica is so respected is two-fold. The first stems from the ongoing and advanced education Dermalogica, hand in hand with the International Dermal Institute provide to Beauty Professionals.  The second is the belief that skin care is a health issue as opposed to a cosmetic or beauty concern.

Dermalogica was born from the desire to provide skin care which focused on increasing skin health, delivering a product free from irritants and ingredients which can lead to breakouts.


All Dermalogica products are manufactured in the USA and the company has never taken part in animal testing. Dermalogica is only sold where professional consultation is available from Professional Skin Therapists, which is why Beleze offers Skype sessions with our Beauty Therapists for clients in remote areas.

Dermalogica is now available in over 80 countries and is prescribed more often than any other product available.

Skin Care Professionals at Beleze Skin & Body Care Solutions are dedicated to providing our Australian customers with the expertise of our ongoing training with Dermalogica.

We would love to get to know you and your skin, but understand not all our customers are able to find their way into the salon - we do after all have an amazingly large country with some pretty awesome ladies - and gents - living in very remote areas, we also cater to those whose mobility does not allow a salon visit. Beleze started with you in mind, so please get in contact, we love to talk skin.




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